Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fast Accounts Receivable Factoring

Top 10 Attributes:

1. Lightning fast underwriting
2. Low effective rates
3. No personal guaranty
4. No term requirement
5. No volume requirement
6. No blanket lien filings
7. Non-recourse
8. Soft debtor notifications
9. No client invoice limits
10. Clients retain control of invoicing process

As a mid-size factor, we pride ourself on our ability to be responsive. We know that's important to our clients and referral sources. Everyone craves timely response and we deliver.

We don't get wrapped up in a corporate culture requiring signoff authority, appraisal files, and committee meetings once per week. Instead, our principals meet daily to review client needs and prospective applicants. Once a complete application is submitted to us, we will deliver a conclusive answer within 24 hours.

No one can promise a positive response to every applicant, but we can promise a very prompt response to every request. Our partners and clients appreciate that. They all have businesses to run, and timely information is a requirement for successful business these days.

Email us today at with your requests.

Thank you.

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