Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Factoring with No Personal Guaranties

For years, borrowers have been conditioned to expect to provide their personal guaranty whenever they obtain funding for their business. To most, it is like that is the basic 'rule of the road' to obtain funding. But we have successfully changed this paradigm! We do not require it.

It only stands to reason that if a factor is funding legitimate invoices payable by credit-worthy debtors, there should never be any guaranty required. To guard against loss, we perform due-diligence on its client, their history, and their business practices. We also review incremental funding requests, but unlike our competition, we do not seek additional comfort through a personal guaranty.

So, we have chosen to lead the industry by not requiring personal guaranties as a matter of practice.  While there may occasionally be circumstances that require a PG, those circumstances are extremely rare for us.  The benefit to you is obvious and substantial.

We are the "no personal guaranty" factor!

Contact us at if you are ready to sell your invoices for cash now instead of waiting 60 - 90 days!

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